Monday, October 30, 2006

Sock Protectors & Learning to knit

I'm so bummed! Last year when I first started knitting socks I was wearing my first pair every other day. They were handspun and not superwash but I was extremely careful when washing to prevent felting. They started to felt ever so slightly anyway. That was when I learned that running around all day every day on synthetic carpets in handspun socks will cause felting faster than anything other than the washing machine. That's when I made these:

Sock Protectors! They turned out beautifully and I proceed to wear them every day on synthetic carpets to protect my socks. The socks did wonderfully. The slippers? Well.......

It is looking like I need another pair. What I would really like to find is that rubbery paint stuff they dip gloves in to turn them into waterproof work gloves. Then I could coat the bottoms and delay this problem greatly. And maybe I could darn these and then coat them. What do you think?

And on to the really exciting knews - Since I moved close enough to return the nieces and nephews to mom in the middle of the night if necessary, I am very excited that my Michigan niece will be coming to spend the night at Aunt Dee Dee's house this weekend. She is seven and she desperately wants me to teach her how to knit. She can be very focused and analytical when she chooses to be so I think she will be fun to teach. My only concern is making her very first attempts enjoyable. Do you think it would be easier to teach a child on straight needles or circs? Maybe I will teach her to kool-aid dye too :)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Ok, I've moved! Actually, I've been moving and am still moving (ughh!) Not feeling well and trying to accomplish large stressful tasks do not make for a speedy conclusion unfortunately. But I only have one load left from the old place and then I will be here and I can spend the next few months wondering where everything is at ;-)

I have sooo much to catch up on! I was very pleased with all the comments and responses to the Alba swatch and the Yarnival note on my Kiri Shawl post. I was quite surprised to be included. If you haven't checked out Yarnival yet it is a wonderful compilation of monthly blog highlights.

And exactly why was I blaming it all on Marina with the Alba swatch? Because watching all that sweater surgery she does so well I figured I could just dive in and replace 19 colors in one fell swoop. And if it didn't work? Heck, I could always do surgery! Well, I managed to pick 17 of 19 on the first try and only have to replace 2. I'm thrilled and hopefully I can frog a few rows and get the new colors tested this weekend. The row I am considering requiring surgery is row 2 and 3 in the moss stitch hem only. I'll have to think about that. And if we are all lucky I'll find the box with my camera cable and have some pics to share. In the meantime, the one thing I could not move: My frog pond :) I wonder if my landlord would notice if I started a new one......hmmmm..... ;)