Monday, December 11, 2006

Ooo Bright Lights, Bright Lights!

I see a bunch of year in review posts out there but I have decided to procrastinate on that one. At the moment I seem to be in the thrall of simple projects. There is definitely something to be said for quick knits. They are refreshing and can renew your inspiration. They can help you forget that several of your *big* projects didn't get off the ground quite right and allow you to bury your head in the wool until you are ready to go beat them into submission. They are a joyful break from *the maths* needed for everything else you are working on. And let's face it, as slow as I knit they are something that I can actually get DONE :)

Now, socks are not "quick knits" on my list, but in this case they have only needed toes for two months so they qualify. And this pair - a couple of firsts for me. First, they started out pretty with all the little tiny color changes.....then, they pooled. Ackk! Ok, I decided to proceed anyway to see if I could build up my tolerance. (ok, I was lazy) Then I had a great idea - if I knit them and wasn't totally crazy about them, then maybe I could *machine wash them* and not freak out if something *bad* happened. So I did! And I still hate the pooling but these ones softened wonderfully and didn't bleed a bit with the blue jeans and downy! and the pooling part is covered by shoe! Yeah :) I know, I'm a dork, but dang it, I have been afeared that the mysterious *something* could go wrong in the washing machine and I would ruin months of work. Maybe the label people were fibbing and they weren't really superwash. Maybe....maybe.... But I didn't and it worked and I am happy :) And these puppies are *bright* - definitely clown socks - crazy happy cheerful bright clown socks. They may just compete with the Christmas tree lights.......if I ever get the tree up *sigh*

And since that wasn't enough *bright* for the week - neon-toxic-retina searing-Barbie blasting-screaming pink yarns for the Maine niece's mittens. Think she'll lose these in the snow???? ;-)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Schmink Day

RLB - "Schmink"
1980 - 2004
Happy Birthday Baby Bro!
Love You Always.....