Sunday, November 25, 2007

Perceptions, or just really strange behavior patterns

Hope everyone in the US had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! I spent most of the weekend in bed with my annual sinus/cold/virus misery but did manage to grill myself a turkey sandwhich to celebrate and stare at Ravelry when I could keep my eyes open for an hour or so.

Some good things about a cold or whatever is that it forces you to rest, take care of yourself, cut yourself some slack in the never ending list of daily stuff you need to accomplish, and when you start feeling better, some good old thinking time. Thinking about fiber and knitting habits was high on my contemplation list this weekend. I've almost added all my projects to Ravelry and realized several things that I have weird perceptions on, one that I don't accomplish much on the knitting front, two that I love to spin but never actually do anything with it, three I love red and go out of my way to pick any other color so my whole wardrobe isn't red so I have no red things. Looking at my projects I realized that nearly half are with handspun and or handpainted yarns, some even hand blended from fleece I bought in the grease. That's a lot of time spent before I even get to the knitting part and I enjoy it, I just don't seem to acknowlege that part of the accomplishment to myself very much I guess. Or the time planning, recoloring, improvising, etc. And if I add in all the handspun to my stash I think things will become even clearer but it was great to realize I do use it quite often. So I was very thankful to Ravelry this weekend for giving me a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Even though there is a ton to learn, it is really nice to acknowledge all the strides and straighten out some odd perceptions. Maybe having it staring me in the face everytime I log into Ravelry will make it finally sink in :)

Before my epiphany on the Red issue, I had yet again forced myself to pick another color for the next project. I finished Alix's Prayer Shawl but my photos are lousy so I'll post it when I get a decent shot. With that done, and all my socks finished, I needed another "easy" project and I chose the Nantucket Jacket, Interweave Knits Winter 2006. My definition of "easy" being that I can pick it up whenever I have a few minutes here and there and throw in a row or two without having to look up everything to figure out where I am at. This sweater fits that bill nicely, there is a rhythm to the stitches and I can knit the next row by reading the knitting so it is relaxing and not boring.

I couldn't get the color right in the progress shot but this close up captures it fairly well.

And after the Red Epiphany? Picked up some of my favorite red Silky Wool to start swatching with. Maybe an Elsebeth Lavold design will follow Nantucket :)

Friday, November 09, 2007

Guess what I found!?! and finished even :)

After I moved in October '06 I misplaced a project of mine and it took me forever to find it - MSFIFFAS!! I did find them and did finish them - love 'em. Now that the weather is turning chilly they are perfect Sunday morning socks, when you have no plans to leave the house, curl up in your favorite comfy clothes, and work on projects. On a really good Sunday, this includes a bonfire in the fireplace, mmmmm.....

Meg Swansens Fair Isle Form Fitted Arch Socks from her book "Knitting":

Check out the soles on these - they really custom fit to your foot. Meg's were knee-highs that I don't wear so I made mine a nice crew height. Wearing hand knit socks is my major motivation for knitting them - nothing feels as good and toasty as hand knit wool socks. And these puppies? they are SOFT - baby yarn soft and perfect for curling up on the couch. Yeah!

I also finished the Sweet Germaine scarf for my friend.

Barbara Walker calls it the Germaine stitch and other publications refer to it as Arrowhead Lace and Cables. I'll post a finished pic when Amanda actually wears it this year. It's Henry's Attic Alpaca Prime - wonderfully soft to knit with. This particular pattern doesn't require blocking, just a handwash and dry flat so not a great deal of maintenance for friend.

One new thing cutting into my knitting time (other than ungodly hours at work) is bowling. How exactly can bowling and knitting compete? I'm still not understanding it myself since I was never a bowler until now. However, some great friends of mine conned me into this and then actually bought me a ball to reaffirm the new anchor. It's a blast even though I don't bowl very well and shhhhhhhh.......there's a cute guy in the league that may just be a bonus. (yes, I do imagine him in a proper sweater, preferrably handknit, why do you ask? Ok, I confess, flirting is actually what I'm thinking about :)