Sunday, October 26, 2008

Harvest Yarn & the Sheep Herder

Varying views on fall. At my house it means way too many acorns to trip over (this year was incredible!), leaves that cover the world, and good reasons for soup and fires. Some areas it means the harvest. I've missed having a garden of any kind in recent years so I curled up with one of my favorite coffee table books for inspiration. Harvest yarn was inspired by a few of the harvest paintings by Vincent VanGogh. I love how he captured the essence of the harvest in colors that bring it to life but are not the typical ones associated. So I captured some of those colors in wool. I find it soothing even though it is a far cry from my usual palette.

Vincent's Harvest
2ply Merino "imperfect" worsted weight (it's a texture thing)
208 yards
100 grams

I keep seeing it in one of EZ's Baby Surprise Jackets, there have been so many adorable ones posted in handspun. Anybody got a little guy to knit for?

So while I was "harvesting" apparently Remy was upstairs "herding". There he is with ALL of the sheep stuffies in one tiny herd. Such a good boy!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Knitting & TV & SUNSHINE!

All of you are correct of course, relaxing is essential and I need to get back in practice. Something else that goes with relaxing and fun fibery things is TV! Miss that too. I got a DVR so I can record some stuff and schedule some knitting time in front of the tube. Any new shows out there that are worth checking out? I was addicted to House but it went a bit odd with the whole new team thing and I haven't been such a fan.

On the knitting front, I cast on for the first sleeve to "V" but did something weird so I frogged and started over, hopefully I'll get some progress this week maybe.

On the happy front, my land lady was in town this week for her grandson's wedding. I was very very happy today when they stopped by and helped me out with a few things that I hadn't been able to fix by myself. Sometimes the simplest things - like the blinds on the living room window (big big window) got stuck when I put them up to open the windows. I never could get them down again so I put paper over the window for privacy. Just wasn't "enough" to bother them about. Well as a few more things occured I felt it was ok to ask and they fixed the blinds too! It was one of the nicest fall days in Michigan with lots of sunshine and having the paper off the windows and letting the sun shine in was WONDERFUL!!! Woodstock happy dances!!!!

And while I know my landlady also happens to be Majorie's mom, it didn't connect that the wedding was her son's, I'm a little slow sometimes and out of touch blog wise. Congrats to Marjorie, have to scope the blog to see what's up :)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Fall, Work, and Fear

I work too much plain & simple and I love my job but it takes alot in this economy to make sure I keep it. Did I mention I'm in Michigan, single, and dealing with the highest unemployment rates in the country while working in the financial industry??? Yeah, I think you get why I've been scared and working too much.

The BIG BUT - with fall starting all I really want to do is make things like homemade soups, roasts, etc. Things that use the oven I haven't wanted to turn on during the hot months and filling the house with all of those wonderful home cooking smells for hours while I curl up with a fiber project in front of the fire. I'm going to try to do that occasionally and sneek some peeks at what everyone else is up to. We'll see how it goes.

During my hiatus I have also lost about 25lbs - working all those hours did have side benefits. I feel great but all of my WIP's are going to be too big and it's not very motivational to pick them up again right now. So in an attempt to get back in some fibery balance I ordered a kit for "V" from Spunky Eclectic awhile back in a hand dyed colorway of Amy's that I have always admired. With my limited time and not being a speedy knitter, I wanted a simpler knit and "V" is a great replacement for the boring sweatshirts that haunt my winter wardrobe. I've not actually knit a basic sweater other than Kepler and that was my first cabling experience. Boring for many of you but I find stockinette in a colorway I love to be very soothing and it fits my time contraints.

I'll see what I can do for balance. I've been kicked out of all the fiber rings so I guess I'm free to post whatever and whenever I can. I miss knitting. I miss spinning. I miss this. But I miss all of you the most.

ETA - Pics & Links

Happy fall ya'll :-) And a very Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends!

The overworked and overstressed - but definitely trying to fix that,