Sunday, January 11, 2009

I've gone.......nuts

It takes a lot of wool to make a bit of yarn and my house has been taken over lol. I think I have finally finished blending the batts. Each batt is approximately 1.7 ounces blended from three separate multi-dyed merino tops of 1 pound each. The braids off to the right are what I started with and they looked like a pile of steaming entrails coming out of the dye pot! Much prettier blended don't you think? ;-) The yarn in the photo is my sample from the last post, you can see that I lightened the blend considerably to a more raspberry heather. I only double blended so there will be minor variances in the finished yarn. I could have run it through 1-2 more times but I like watching the subtle shifts while spinning.

I've only spun about 7 ounces so I have about 24 more to go to get to the end total of 1500 + leeway for 100 yards variation in spinning density. I'm spinning a 3 ply so that is 4500-4800 yards in singles then another 1500 yards for plying. And yes, you can BUY yarn, but I like spinning and blending my own. This is my first attempt at a sweater so I am very excited.

Speaking of yarn purchases and excitement, I have received my newest love - St. Aula! From Virtual Yarns of course :) Yeah!!!!!! Stranding on really big needles feels funny but I am in total love with this sweater.

The photos don't do it much justice but if you click on the swatch to make it larger you can see that Dulse is not brown, but green with many flecks of purple, red, etc. mixed in. The background is Limpet, the deep purple but it looks more blue here. The constant blizzards this weekend wouldn't let me get a good natural light photo so I had to make do.

I don't have much time lately and worked most of the weekend so the "Guilt Squad" did major duty staring holes in my back on the office futon. Everytime I got up to do something I was tackled in a traffic jam at the office door by bouncing excited puppers 3 feet tall and pogo-sticking in the doorway. I'm 5'2" - you can imagine the rest but I really couldn't help but laugh at their antics.

And since they did try to be good (even though they *know* they aren't supposed to be on the futon) I'm off to give them some treats and loves before bedtime. How could I resist ;-)

Many thanks again Marina - I wouldn't have considered Dulse without your beautiful photos!