Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Just a note.....

........that I haven't disappeared, just swamped lately. Half of our local division at work was let go, well more than half, but I'm in the part that stayed. This one wasn't merger/acquisition/redundancy oriented like the others, it is a true shift in business focus so we are scrambling like mad and working around the clock.

Spinning is the only thing I've managed to take a break with. Since this is a large project that involves consistency for a duration, it has been easier to just spin a few yards here and there than focus on knitting related projects. I am really pleased with how it is turning out and I love the heathering.

I was stressing on whether I was on target and stopped before the bobbins were full to ply. I am almost half way there in total yardage for a 3ply aran, 9wpi, 14.5oz and 602 yards, with slightly tight ply to increase the durability of the merino. I got gauge in my swatch (17 spi), a nice fabric (not too drapey like my first sample) and am thrilled with this yarn! It is intended for Harald by Elsebeth Lavold, a gansey (guernsey?) style with traveling cables in the top half. It should make a very comfy curl-up-and-knit-spin sweater for Sunday mornings. Lots of Sunday mornings in Michigan with the long cold season. With cable practice to boot, how good is that!?!

Now I have to spin up the rest of that couch pile from my last post! And those skeins top 6 ounces each!! Much fewer ends to weave in, yay :) You can biggie size the photos if you click on them and actually see the coloration detail.

Stay warm (or cool - wherever you may be!) Personally, I'm looking forward to spring :)

ETA - There has been "stash acquisition" too, hopefully I'll get some pics this weekend........I may have gone SABLE lol :) but that doesn't take very much for me!